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Breast Pad Reusable (2 pack)*

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Product description

Why use disposable breast pads, when these beautifully handmade pads provide generous coverage, superior absorbency and style. Never end up with a disposable blowout in the wash - these are designed to be washed over and over without falling apart.


  • 2 layers of bamboo fleece for superior absorbency
  • PUL fabric backing for waterproofing
  • Breathable fabric to increase comfort and reduce sweating
  • Convenient to wear and to clean
  • Machine washable (cold wash only), no soaking required
  • Economical

Waste Credentials

Able to be reused for many years to reduce disposable personal hygiene waste ending up in a landfill. Bamboo fleece is able to be composted, however, PUL fabric will need to be sent to landfill.


Diameter 12cm



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Breast Pad Reusable (2 pack)*

$10.00 AUD
$8.00 AUD