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Vegan food wraps are a fantastic alternative to single-use cling wrap! Great for those that like the idea of beeswax wraps but don’t like using bee products or the smell of beeswax. Use in the fridge, freezer (allow to soften before opening), lunchboxes and pantry. Keep away from heat sources as the wax will melt, however, they can be rewaxed as needed. Simply hand wash with mild detergent and cool water.


  • Made from 100% food-grade candelilla wax, tree gum (not pine resin) and jojoba mix on cotton fabric
  • Reusable, washable and durable
  • Can be moulded to suit the shape needed
  • Sustainably and ethically handmade locally

Waste Credentials

Able to be reused many times before composting. As it is made from natural materials it won’t add micro-plastic fibres to our waterways and food chain.


Starter Set: 1 x 23cmx23cm plus 1 x 30cmx30cm

Kitchen Set: 1 x 17cmx17cm, 1 x 23cmx23cm, 1 x 30cmx30cm, 1 x 40cmx40cm


Western Australia

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17cm, 23cm, 30cm, 40cm, Kitchen Set, Starter Set


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