Frequently Asked Questions

How are goods packaged from a zero-waste store?

Our goal is to minimise packaging and food waste as much as possible whilst providing you with the goods you need for your kitchen and home.  As such we offer a paid jar return system to avoid any waste being created.  Branded jars are provided at a low cost and a refund provided on return. This may not be affordable for everyone, as such home compostable bags are available for dry goods as well at no additional charge if preferred.

Given that our goods are unpackaged at the store, you are able to purchase in quantities that suit you best.  We will label goods for identification purposes, however, further details about the product such as approximate nutritional information and uses are available via the website where you ordered them.

Your whole order will be packed in a reused box or bag for ease of collection.

How does the jar return system work?

  1. You choose to have your goods provided in our branded jars (branded so that they are easily identified and of a consistent capacity).
  2. When you are done with them, they are returned to the store they were purchased from. They must be clean, label-free and in good condition for a refund to be issued, you can choose this as cash or store credit.
  3. We then clean the jars in a commercial glass-washer and make them available for future purchases. This means that they will be reused for the duration of their usable lifespan before being recycled.

Why don’t you package your liquids in your dark oil bottles or aluminium pump/spray bottles?

As part of the jar return system, the containers need to be easy to clean thoroughly. Given the small neck opening plus difficulty seeing into the corners to check cleanliness, we have decided it is safer for everyone not to do this. We recommend refilling your own containers at home from the refills ordered online or bringing to your local store to refill if you prefer to use these.

Why do I have to clean out the jars I return if you are cleaning them anyway?

In order for us to offer this service, it needs to be as safe for everyone as possible. The best way to ensure this is only clean jars being returned without traces of product still in them. This way there is less chance of cross-contamination, there are no pests being attracted by returned jars waiting to be sterilised, and the cleaning can be done as quickly as possible so that our team aren't at risk of tripping over them. We want this service to be a success and your support is greatly appreciated!

When will my order be ready?

Orders are packed daily (except on Public Holidays and weekends) and will usually be ready within 24 hours.  If we have managed to pack your order sooner, we will notify via the details provided on your order.

How soon do I need to collect my order?

Given that goods may be packaged in home compostable bags we ask that you collect your order within 24 to 48 hours of placing your order to maximise freshness.  If you need longer, please let us know at the time of order so that we can delay packing until closer to estimated pick up.  We cannot guarantee the freshness of products that are picked up after this time.  Even if your goods are packaged in reusable containers, we request that you pick up in a timely manner due to limited storage space at our stores.

Can I use a gift card for online orders?

We are happy to announce that we have gift vouchers available for the online store for this location. These are separate to the in-store gift cards which can only be redeemed in-store and not online. Online gift vouchers are able to be used for pick up and local deliveries as per the terms and conditions on this site. Online gift vouchers are not transferable between stores.

How does delivery work?

We will pack your order and deliver it to your chosen address. It will be left at your front door. It will be your responsibility to ensure timely collection and as such we recommend picking a timeframe when you intend to be home and can immediately store the items safely. Any information that will assist in the safe delivery of your goods can be added in the additional comments when you place your order. If you would like to return jars as part of the jar exchange system (for local delivery option only), please leave them clean and dry outside your door in a box or bag before the start of your delivery timeframe and we will arrange your refund once they arrive at our store.

What happens if an item is out of stock after I order?

Although we try our best to keep our inventory up to date and our stores well-stocked, sometimes delays from suppliers or unforeseen stock level changes may mean that an item you order becomes unavailable.  Should this occur we will endeavour to contact you as soon as possible to resolve the matter by offering an alternative or a refund.  We will not backorder goods for you. Your understanding is appreciated.

Can I order bulk quantities?

We are able to provide goods in bulk quantities; however, this is best done by contacting your local store directly rather than via shopping online as timeframes for getting in goods varies greatly between our suppliers.

What if I want you to refill my own containers and pack in my own reusable bags?

We would love to do this for you, however, this ‘Shop for You’ service is only available via your local store rather than online.  This is due to the variability in container sizes to be refilled which would be difficult to manage online.  We are happy for you to drop off your containers in your reusable bags on weekdays for filling and we will discuss with you when they can be/need to be available for pick up.

What do I do if my goods are damaged or missing?

We strongly recommend that you check your order with us at the time of collection so that we can rectify this immediately.  In the unlikely event that even with checking, goods were damaged or missing on collection, please contact the store within 24 hours to discuss resolution of the issue.

What do the storage recommendations mean?

All consumable items have a recommended best before, where the goods are likely to be at their peak in terms of texture and use. Using items after this timeframe is still safe if stored correctly, however, the texture or flavour may be compromised.

Why do you charge card fees on purchases?

As the costs of using various cards vary greatly, we believe that this is the most equable solution as we cannot absorb this additional cost for providing this service.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

Please follow the ‘Forgotten your password?’ prompt on the login section.  A temporary password will be provided to the email address you registered with.  It is suggested that you cut and paste the temporary password as it is case sensitive.

Can I place an online order over the phone?

Due to privacy considerations, we are unable to place your order for you.  We are willing however to take orders via our ‘Shop for You’ service if you contact your local store directly.

How can I confirm you have my order?

You will receive an email confirming your order has been received.

You sell an item in my local store, but I can’t find it online?

We are constantly updating our product range and it can take time to post our full range online.  Please let us know the item you are hoping to purchase online and we will do our best to add it at our earliest convenience. Some items, however, are only available to be purchased in-store.